How to Care for a Sick Child

Having a sick child is a frightening thing for most parents. See more parenting pictures.
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Your child is fussy. She won't eat. Her temperature is rising. This is a scary time for any parent. Not knowing what's wrong and not knowing what to do make it scarier. You want to be prepared for times when your child is sick or feverish, so that you will remain calm and know when and how to involve your doctor. This article will help you understand what's ailing your child, what to do about it and what to tell the doctor. Here's a preview:

  • Diagnosing a Childhood Illness Talk to your doctor beforehand about what medicines to keep in the house, when it's appropriate to call the doctor, and what to do in an emergency. This page will tell you what to ask your doctor so that you'll know what's going on when your child starts displaying symptoms.
  • How To Treat a Child's Fever Fever is the body's normal response to infection. Many illnesses can cause a child to have a fever, and there is usually little you can do other than to treat the symptoms and try to make your child more comfortable. This page will explain how to read a child's temperature, which types of thermometers to use, how to treat a fever and when to get a doctor involved.