Parenting Advice: Your 5 Worst Nightmares and Their Cures



It's soccer season and every parent's worst nightmare is watching their child sit on the bench – especially when it's because of an injury!

What's the cause? The human brain lives inside the skull surrounded by fluid. When a person experiences a head trauma, such as a shock or blow to the head, the brain gets bounced around causing an imbalance in the equilibrium between the chemicals and neurotransmitters in the brain [Source: HealthEast Care System]. This reaction causes the confusion and headaches often associated with concussions.

What to look for: Symptoms of a concussion include confusion, headache, nausea and in severe cases, loss of consciousness. Dilated pupils or pupils that are two different sizes can also be an indication of a concussion [Source: Mayo Clinic].

*It is important to recognize that symptoms can appear up to days after the trauma occurs.

How to prevent it: The best way to prevent a concussion is to recognize when you're the most vulnerable. Contact sports, motor vehicle accidents and falls are all common ways to procure a concussion [Source: HealthEast Care System]. Whenever possible, strap on that helmet and exercise precaution!

What's the cure? If you suspect that you or your child may be suffering from a concussion, go to the doctor immediately. Typically there is no cure for a concussion other than good ol' fashioned rest and relaxation, but it's always a good idea to get a professional opinion and be sure there is no serious risk of brain damage or internal bleeding.