Real Parents Offer You Their Best Advice

By: Discovery Fit and Health Writers

Advice Continued

One piece of advice is this that my daddy gave me. He said "Discipline is a gift you give to your child. Discipline does not mean hitting or spanking your child. Discipline is being consistent in your expectations of good behavior from your child. It means giving consequences consistently when there is bad behavior. By doing this, in a couple of years time, all you need to give a child is a look to help that child remember his/her manners. It makes the child happier to have guidelines and society accepts this child who has a respect for others." So, the last piece of advice I'd offer is to give the gift of discipline. It works — you are happier, your child is happier, the people around you are happier, and there is not a lot of yelling or embarrassment in front of others. — Cathy L.

When my older son was born a very wise friend said, "welcome to a lifetime of letting go." My son is in college now and I'm still learning that lesson. — RTM


I couldn't live without my glider/rocker! The put-the-baby-down and leave-em paraphernalia wound up unused and ultimately unneeded — as putting my son in a swing/playpen/bassinet etc. only resulted in his crying. My rocker was my lifesaver, where I spent many many hours sitting and nursing a high-need baby. — Lisa D.

Children need a mom to be firm but velvet over a wall. — Jennifer M.

Keep a journal of your baby. They will find it fascinating when they get older, and you will have a reminder of all of the little things that mean so much. And as your kids grow up, the first words, the strange things they say, and the interesting takes on life that only someone with new eyes can experience, will be a constant source of amusement and amazement. If you have a memory like mine, you will be so glad that you did. — Barbara

Sing and talk, make everything from baths to getting ready fun because then you and your little one will enjoy it more. — Nadine B.

Don't wish your baby's babyhood away...(ie: I can't wait til she walks, talks, etc). Enjoy his infancy now, because he won't be an infant forever. I actually cried when my daughter got her first tooth-because I just loved those big toothless grins that young babies have. — Wendy K.

At baby showers, I always give the mom & dad-to-be a big, big, BIG bottle of Tylenol. Seriously. It's really hard to be patient and understanding when your head is throbbing from the lack of sleep and extra stress of that very precious bundle. — Christi

The best advice anyone gave me was a very elderly lady who told me I could never, ever spoil my baby with too much love! I had been getting so many do's and don't's from family and friends that I became overwhelmed. I was talking with a very elderly family member and told her that I no longer knew what was right for my child, that all I wanted to do was hold her and love her, but folks were telling me that was wrong and I'd spoil her. This beautiful woman smiled and said, "My dear, know this, if you never know anything else again. Hold your baby, sing to your baby, go where your heart leads you with your baby, but above all, know that you can never, ever spoil a baby with too much love. You can spoil her with neglect, or with lack of discipline, but never with love!" — Cathy L.