10 First-month Pregnancy Symptoms


Morning Sickness or Nausea

Is your morning routine suddenly accompanied by a nauseous belly? You're not alone. The queasiness associated with pregnancy can start as early as one to two weeks after the sperm and egg unite and continue into the early days of the second trimester. Even more frustrating for many moms-to-be is that nausea can spring up throughout the day or night and sometimes even become a constant companion.

While it may serve as bittersweet consolation to some moms that intense morning sickness means you're having a girl, as with most pregnancy superstitions, this one doesn't seem to hold up under a microscope. No matter whether the embryo turns out to be boy or girl, a light snack such as saltine crackers can provide some relief from morning sickness in the meantime. Ample sleep and ginger or peppermint tea may also help.