5 Common Reasons for a Late Period

The Travails of Travel

Travel can throw you, and your cycle, for a loop. Just think how jetlag can leave you off-kilter for days.

Though everyone's body adapts more readily to a regular schedule, women are particularly susceptible to the upheaval that travel can wreak on a daily agenda -- and their bodies. It can throw off their sleep and eating patterns, both of which can have a negative effect on their menstrual cycles.

To make matters worse, most people don't eat properly while on the road, whether skimping on meals while traveling on business or overindulging while traveling for pleasure. Either situation, coupled with the added stress of getting acclimated to a different routine, can lead to delayed ovulation and menstruation.

Likewise, a change in work schedule (such as taking on a night shift) can have similar consequences.

Next, we'll examine the downside of exercise.