5 Tips for Getting Pregnant After 40

Revise Your Routine

And while you're at your doctor appointment, why not discuss all the bad habits you'd like to quit? Smoking, getting drunk, doing drugs -- if those are your extracurriculars, they have to go. Subsisting on five hours of sleep and a steady diet of stress and takeout won't fly, either.

Preparing your body for a baby is like getting a nursery ready. You listen to the wisdom of others, remove any possible dangers and make it as inviting as possible to a new little human.

Toss plenty of colorful produce in your grocery cart along with some lean protein, whole grains and dairy. Add some more folic acid and calcium to your diet and get more exercise if you spend a lot more time in an office than outside [source: American Pregnancy Association]. A few yoga classes or 30 minutes of walking, three times a week, is a great start. So is an earlier bedtime.

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