10 Diet Tips for Pregnant Women

Do: Water
Drink water. It's probably the most essential pregnancy diet advice you'll get.
Drink water. It's probably the most essential pregnancy diet advice you'll get.
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The first rule of pregnancy is: Drink water. The second rule of pregnancy is: Drink water. The third rule of pregnancy is: Drink water.

Actually, there are a lot of important rules -- no alcohol, cigarettes or skydiving, for instance -- but you get the point. Water is one of the most important things a pregnant woman can put in her body. Water carries all of the nutrients she consumes to the cells, where they are absorbed into the body. In effect, without water, none of the other musts on this list will do much good.

Also, since dehydration can trigger early labor, water helps a pregnancy get to term.

Most experts recommend at least 64 ounces of water per day, or about eight glasses or 2 liters. More than that is even better. And for each cup of coffee (with caffeine) or hour of light exercise, add 8 ounces of water [source: BabyCenter].

It's tough to keep track of exactly how much you're consuming when you have baby on the brain. So with one of those many glasses of water you'll be drinking, be sure to take a prenatal vitamin, too. It'll assure you're getting everything you need, just in case your healthy eating leaves you a little short.

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