5 Bad Habits to Break Before Pregnancy

Have a few habits you know you need to kick? Consider giving them up before deciding to get pregnant.

Bad habits are hard to break. But, if you're thinking about having a baby, it's time to place the baby's health above any of your residual harmful habits, such as smoking and drinking. And if you've always wanted a reason to implement a new, healthy lifestyle, you'd be hard pressed to find a better motivation.

The upside is that not only will your baby thank you by having a better chance at normal fetal development, but your own body will feel and look better, too. (And who knows you may even save a little money by skipping the cigarettes and mojitos for a while.)

So whether you're trying to get pregnant, or if you're already expecting, remember your baby's health depends on you. Read on to learn about five important habits to break before your family (and your belly) begins to expand.