5 Tips for Increasing Male Fertility


Diet Makes a Difference

"You are what you eat." This time-honored adage, loosely translated, simply means that eating healthy foods helps maintain a healthy body. And that holds true for the quality and quantity of sperm you produce.

Studies show that a diet rich in antioxidants, featuring solid portions of fruits and vegetables (five or more servings a day), will not only fuel your muscles and your gray matter, but can also rev up your reproductive system. A simple rule of thumb: Brighter is better. Look for fruits and vegetables in vibrant greens (broccoli), orange (oranges), yellow (peppers), blue (blueberries) and red (tomatoes).

Supplements can also be beneficial, though the body of evidence isn't as overwhelming. Most researchers suggest making sure you get at least the recommended daily does of several essential vitamins and minerals -- including vitamins C and E, zinc, arginine (found in nuts) and pharmaceutical-quality L-carnitine -- but to avoid going overboard [sources: Mayo Clinic; Klein].

Not only will a healthy diet lead to healthier sperm, but it's likely to improve sexual performance as well.

Did you know body fat can be a fertility factor? Keep reading.