5 Tips for Increasing Male Fertility


Sperm and Stress

Another benefit of physical activity is that it provides a natural and healthy counterbalance to stress. Most of us need to deal with the pressures of everyday life, but too much stress can have an enormous impact on our overall well-being. The same holds true for the quality and quantity of sperm a man creates.

Specifically, emotional and psychological stress may lead to problems with sexual performance or disrupt testosterone production required for sperm generation. And the stress of trying to get pregnant, without having any success, might be the worst of all as far as sperm production is concerned.

Infertility-related stress can have a wide-ranging impact on both partners as well as their relationship. Counseling offers a chance to explore all the possible reasons why pregnancy has proved elusive -- without any associated blame or guilt. Research indicates that these stresses can lead to other unhealthy lifestyle choices, which further reduce the likelihood of generating healthy sperm [source: Boyles].

Did you know lifestyle changes can help increase fertility?