How does maca root help fertility?

Maca Root and Female Fertility

Maca root is believed to offer women numerous health benefits. In fact, it's commonly used to help relieve symptoms of PMS and menopause [source: Ley]. But that's not the only assistance this powerful plant offers the female sex. It may also improve fertility.

So far, there have been more studies looking at the conception-promoting benefits of maca root in men than in women. Anecdotal evidence has suggested for years that the plant enhances both male and female fertility, but the research to back up the benefits in women isn't as prolific.

However, there was a recent noteworthy study that gave a hint at maca root's fertility power in women. Remember on the previous page where we discussed the different colors of maca hypocotyls? That information comes into play once again. A 2005 study showed that extract of yellow maca increased litter size in mice [source: Ruiz-Luna, et. al]. This was the first scientific study to confirm the influence of maca root on female fertility. More research is needed to determine just how the supplement can benefit women wishing to get pregnant, but the results so far are encouraging.

When it comes to maca root and fertility, we still have more to examine. Keep reading.