Guide to Being 11 Weeks Pregnant

Some Things to Consider
Listening to music can be a very calming experience.
Listening to music can be a very calming experience.

The reality of pregnancy sets in and you find yourself wondering about your baby: Will she look like you? Will he cry a lot? How will you handle waiting 29 more weeks to meet her?

Now is the perfect time to begin a daily ritual, meant only for you and your baby. Twice a day, dedicate five or 10 minutes to think about your baby. Place your hands on your belly as you concentrate on your hopes for parenthood. Read to your baby or play soothing music. Connecting in this way is a precursor for the bonding you'll do with your newborn. It also works as a sort of insurance to ease the postpartum adjustments you'll undergo.

Week 11 is also a great time to reach out to other moms. By building this network of support, you have a go-to group. If you and your mom are on good terms, ask her about when you were born and what her earliest days of motherhood were like. Even if your relationship's been a bit rocky, there's nothing like a new baby to smooth the road.

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