Guide to Being 12 Weeks Pregnant

In week 12, you're wrapping up your first trimester, and you're hopefully in for smoother sailing. See more pregnancy pictures.

The day comes when you take a drive without a pit stop, when you get through a day without vomiting, and when your partner's slightly annoying habits don't turn you into a raging and/or weeping lunatic.

That day may or may not be in week 12, which finds you wrapping up the first trimester, on the brink of what for many women turns out to be a smooth second-trimester ride -- and for others turns out to be more vomiting. Either way, though, this week finds you that much closer to the end -- and, even better, the beginning.

But hopefully, your first-trimester symptoms are starting to ease up this week, leaving plenty of room for a whole new set of interesting sensory experiences …