Guide to Being 13 Weeks Pregnant

Pregnancy Image Gallery Many women find the second trimester to be the easiest of the three. See more pregnancy pictures.
Lianne Milton/Getty Images

Good bye first trimester, hello time to breathe. Lots of women (but not all) find the middle months to be the easiest, with fewer unpleasant symptoms and lots of new reasons to be excited. Chances are, you're starting to show, your morning sickness has subsided (if you had any), and you're less concerned about miscarriage, since it's less likely after week 12.

Your check-ups are probably becoming more frequent. Your pants are getting tight. People may be asking you personal questions at the supermarket. (Get used to that: Even if you're not showing yet, the prenatal vitamins in your cart might give you away.) Week 13 is exciting either way, with fetal development in full swing and your parental preparations getting a lot more serious: This is for real.

And what might you be feeling at this very real stage? Most likely, during week 13, what you're feeling is a whole lot better …