Guide to Being 13 Weeks Pregnant

Don't Worry If…

You've got cribs, fiber and tiny little fingerprints to think about, so don't bother stressing (too much) about this stuff:

  • Your libido is still on vacation.Some women have it this week, some women don't. There's no right or wrong here, so just go with it. Get some extra sleep while you can.
  • Your partner's libido is on vacation.You're not the only one in this pregnancy. Your partner may be experiencing emotional (and maybe even sympathetic-physical) changes, too. Reduced interest in sex when your partner is pregnant is totally normal.
  • Your breasts still hurt.This might take a bit longer to subside, but it will subside, and probably soon.
  • You're showing more or less than your friend/sister/coworker is/was at 13 weeks.You might look possibly pregnant, obviously pregnant, or like your same-old self. It's all fine. Everybody is different in when and how much they show.
  • You need to eat some fish to get your protein (and omega fatty acids).Most experts say that small amounts of lower-mercury fish are totally fine during pregnancy -- but ask your doctor about it just to be sure.

Week 13 is a gateway week: Pregnancy is probably starting to be a whole lot more fun. So lay off the albacore tuna, buy yourself a bigger negligee (or not), and put your feet up: You still get to relax, you just get to enjoy it more.

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