Guide to Being 14 Weeks Pregnant

By week 14, you're probably feeling better than you have in months. See more pregnancy pictures.
Vicky Kasala Productions/Taxi/Getty Images

Now solidly in your second trimester, you're probably more excited than ever about your little bun in the oven. Soon (maybe even now), you can find out the sex if you want to, which means you can pick a name and start decorating with confidence in pink or blue, if that's your thing.

It also hopefully means your days of nausea are behind you, and you can make it through your grocery shopping without a bathroom break. And that means more time for reading labels to make sure you're getting all the calcium, iron and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) you need to bake your bun just right.

Best yet, if you do find out the sex, the "bun" reference can go away forever, replaced by "boy" or "girl."

At 14 weeks, development is still progressing at a breakneck pace, as it will until contractions start in about 26 weeks. Your physical awareness of the goings on inside your uterus is most likely still vague, but there are a few symptoms you probably do notice at this week …