Guide to Being 14 Weeks Pregnant

What You Might Be Feeling

For many women, 14 weeks is a relatively comfortable time, with first-trimester symptoms like nausea, frequent urination, mood swings, fatigue and breast pain gone away or on the wane. The sensations you might find taking their place include:

  • Continued breast changes (size, pigmentation, lumpiness)
  • The beginnings of skin-color changes like the "pregnancy mask" (around the eyes) and "linea negra" (down the center of the belly)
  • Slight, occasional discomfort on the sides of your belly, from stretching of the muscles and ligaments
  • Stuffy nose and possibly nosebleeds from hormone-triggered changes in mucous membranes and blood vessels
  • Higher volume of vaginal discharge (probably a protective response, triggered by hormones)
  • A belly that's definitely popping out (some women start showing around now)

If you're lucky, or if this isn't your first, you might even start feeling the fluttering sensation of fetal movement that makes all the stuffy noses and lumpy areolas so worthwhile.

For most women, though, the fluttering won't start for another couple of weeks. But that doesn't mean there's no movement in there. On the contrary…