Guide to Being 14 Weeks Pregnant

What's Going On in Your Body
At week 14, that little baby inside of you is already 3.5 inches long.
At week 14, that little baby inside of you is already 3.5 inches long.

Length: About 3.5 inches. Weight: About 1.5 ounces. Ears: In position.

There's no end to the amazing changes happening inside your body right now. Ears are finishing up their trek to the sides of the head, spleen is beginning to produce red blood cells, kidneys are producing urine, liver is producing bile, and intestines are producing the black, tarry meconium you'll be cleaning up immediately after birth. A fine coating of protective body hair may already be growing, which will act as insulation until body fat appears. Many somewhat icky but definitely wonderful things are happening in week 14.

Perhaps the most fascinating intrauterine activity, though, isn't icky at all. Your little one is moving like a pro. No longer jerky, tiny arms (which are more proportional to head size this week) and legs (which are still relatively short) are moving smoothly, like yours. There might even be some purpose: He or she might be moving a tiny thumb into a tiny mouth (which has a fully formed palate this week, by the way) in order to suck it.

Genderwise, features are settling into place: In a girl, ovaries are traveling into the pelvic area, and in boys, prostate glands are beginning to develop.

Yes, you're host to all sorts of amazing, life-creating activities. A lot of pressure, perhaps, but don't worry, it's not all on you: There are things for your significant other to tend to …