Guide to Being 14 Weeks Pregnant

What Your Partner Should Know

It's easy to mistake it for a bench-warming role, but a good partner actually has plenty to do this week (and every week). There's no end to the comfort and assistance a pregnant woman can benefit from, especially as planning activities (and the accompanying stress) start to pick up in the second trimester. For instance:

Researching the practical

You don't need to be growing a baby to help figure out what to do with the little guy or girl in six months or so. Will you need child care? If so, you might want to start looking into the options and asking around for references, since you'll probably want those. Also, will you stick with your current health insurance and simply add on your new addition, or does another policy have better family rates?

Reserving your spot

Have you signed up for a third-trimester childbirth class yet, so you can go in with open eyes (and maybe learn how to change a diaper)? Those can fill up months in advance, so check it out now if you plan to attend one.

Having some fun

Finally, some very good news if you've been getting a nauseated "no way" between the sheets. Many women's libidos pick up around now, and guess what: Sexual activity will not harm the fetus, even if mommy-to-be is showing. There's lots of protection there, so have at it.

And some other things you may want to keep in mind …