Guide to Being 15 Weeks Pregnant

What Your Partner Should Know

Register now for all those baby items you know you'll need soon.
Register now for all those baby items you know you'll need soon.
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Your partner probably wants to know what's going on inside that uterus as much as you do. It is, after all, an experience that changes both of your lives forever. But partners might want to be especially aware of something a pregnant woman might not even realize on a conscious level: As her belly grows, so might her stress level, due to all those physical and emotional changes.

And remember, stress is not good for either near-mom or fetus, and lots of people push it into the background. There's enough for a baby-grower to worry about without worrying about worrying. So a partner's awareness of increased prenatal stress, on the parts of both soon-to-be parents, can be especially important.

Partners, take note: Does mom-to-be seem especially tired, or is she getting headaches, or having trouble falling asleep? These symptoms can be the result of stress. Does she spend a large part of the day planning, and is she even beginning the long nesting process, preparing your home for a new member? This can all take an emotional toll, and you can help, not only her but also yourself, since no doubt your stress is increasing as well. A few options to consider include:

  • Schedule a couple's spa day
  • Plan a brief vacation
  • Take a prenatal massage class together
  • Arrange a trip to the local baby store and register together for what you'll need

The added benefit to all of these stress-relief activities is the bonding they encourage. It's more important than ever for you two to be in this, and especially talking about this, as a couple.

And because you are in this together, you'll probably want to think together about …