Guide to Being 15 Weeks Pregnant

Some Things to Consider

You're well into the second trimester, and it's time to bite the bullet on a few decisions that may be hanging out there. For instance:

  • Prenatal testing -- Amnio? Screening? Are you high-risk in any category? What will you do with any information you get back?
  • Registering -- If friends and family have started asking what you need, tell them! Register somewhere so people who love you can help with preparations. You'll find lots of newborn checklists online to help you decide what you want.
  • Work maternity/paternity leaves -- Who will stay home? What are the leave policies at your workplace(s)?
  • Birthing, parenting and infant CPR classes -- If you plan to do some group learning, register for a class that finishes well before your due date, since some babies are in a rush to come out.

Also on the list of things to contemplate right now include weight gain (How will you make that happen? Food journal? Check list? Winging it?) and dental care. Your teeth and gums are, thanks to pregnancy hormones, more susceptible to bacteria, so now is not the time to skip a cleaning.

And finally, a few things that needn't take up any of your precious mental energy …