Guide to Being 16 Weeks Pregnant

Right around 16 weeks is the perfect time to take a babymoon. See more pregnancy pictures.
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By the time the 16th week of pregnancy rolls around, your abdominal area will be in the process of transitioning from that "I ate a little too much at lunch" look to a full-fledged baby bump. You can certainly expect some major changes in the weeks and months to come, but for the most part, this portion of pregnancy is a continuation of the delightful second trimester.

Sure, you might be feeling a little bit like a puppy up for adoption with all of the random belly pats you're getting right now. Otherwise, the absence of the nausea that you might've experienced during the first trimester is reason enough to enjoy this period to the fullest! Keep reading to find out what you can expect during the 16th week of pregnancy from both your body and the bun in your ever-growing, but still beautiful, oven.