Guide to Being 16 Weeks Pregnant

What You Might Be Feeling

At this point in your second trimester, you're probably feeling about as fabulous as you ever have. Your morning sickness has hopefully long since passed, and your belly is showing just enough to be adorable, but not so much that you're uncomfortable or can't see your shoes. Chances are that you're donning maternity wear full-time now, which is totally normal and probably much more comfortable than your normal duds. If, by chance, you're one of those women who can still fit into your own clothes, you really shouldn't advertise the fact to your other pregnant friends.

It goes against the grain to be excited about weight gain, but in this case, modest gain is necessary to cultivating a happy, healthy pregnancy. Talk to your doctor if you fear that your weight isn't in the normal range; he or she can develop a nutrition plan to keep you on track.

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