Guide to Being 16 Weeks Pregnant

Don't Worry If …

By the 16th week, you might be feeling the occasional bout of fetal movement. Known as quickening, at this stage, movement is less like a kick and more of a bizarre sensation that some women liken to popcorn popping or gas bubbles. Don't fret if you haven't been privy to this one-of-a-kind experience yet. Some women feel fetal movement early on in pregnancy, whereas others can go many more weeks before feeling even the slightest hint of baby aerobics. My first child waited until well past the 20-week mark to make his presence known, whereas my second started turning tiny somersaults right around the 15th week.

Still worried? Just wait for your upcoming ultrasound, where you'll be able to visually confirm baby activity, including thumb-sucking, yawning and arm or leg movement.

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