Guide to Being 18 Weeks Pregnant

What's going on inside you -- even if you can't feel it yet -- is pretty stunning. See more pregnancy pictures.
Blend Images/Shalom Ormsby/The Agency Collection/Getty Images

There are no un-amazing weeks when you're pregnant -- no breaks in the action, no downtime in development. There are only weeks when the miracles of new life and endless heartburn hurtle toward completion like a glowing, bloated freight train on a mission.

Or maybe not glowing. Maybe breaking out like a teenager. But nonetheless hurtling toward completion (and once-again clear skin).

Week 18 is no exception. What's going on inside you, whether you can feel it or not -- and you may in fact be feeling it! -- is stunning.

Here, what you may be feeling this week, and what your little boy or girl is doing with all those hours of fetal nirvana …