Guide to Being 18 Weeks Pregnant

What Your Partner Should Know

Schedule some active time together while she's still mobile.
Schedule some active time together while she's still mobile.
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This week, both expectant parents are working hard. Your partner may in fact be experiencing sympathy weight gain and indigestion -- but probably not. That type of physical empathy is rare, and it's a good thing: At least one of you needs to be in tip-top form. There are issues to address.

For instance, partners may want to think about:

  • Active together time -- As she starts or continues to show, backaches, joint pain and balance problems will likely start to prevent her full participation in physical activity, so plan some good outings while you can both enjoy them. Hiking, long walks, easy bike rides -- anything you usually do together that might become more difficult later on.
  • Increased involvement -- Check-ups -- and those exciting ultrasounds -- are starting to be more frequent, and there's no better time to connect. More than ever, get in there and share the nervousness, excitement and question-and-answer sessions with the doctor or midwife. You might find out this week whether you'll have a son or a daughter, so this may be the time to take a couple of hours off work to attend the ultrasound, if possible.
  • Her "me time" -- While she's probably past the fatigue of months two and three, exhaustion is still an issue. After all, her heart, lungs and most other body systems are working for two. Give her time each day for a nap, or maybe just some time to sit in peace. It'll help her, both physically and mentally, more than you realize.

And some other things to keep in mind this week …