Guide to Being 19 Weeks Pregnant

What's Going On in Your Body

Length: About 6 inches. Weight: About 7 ounces. Skin: Covered in sticky white stuff.

Yes, this is the week your little one develops that waxy, white coating that sometimes sloughs off newborns. (They tend to leave that out in the movies.) It's called vernix caseosa, and it keeps delicate fetal skin protected from the effects of liquid submersion. It eventually falls away, but bits are often still clinging to your baby's skin at delivery. Don't worry, you'll think it's cute.

Other developmental feats in week 19 include:

  • Hair continues to grow on the scalp and eyebrows.
  • An early type of fat, called "brown fat," begins to provide insulation until the baby grows the real stuff, which won't happen for a while yet.
  • Sensory and motor centers in the brain are operational, so he or she is hearing, seeing, tasting and moving around like never before.
  • Girls now have 6 million eggs in their ovaries.
  • Bone continues to ossify.

This last point means it's more important than ever to get your calcium. And while you while away the night popping those multitasking Tums, your partner can address some other, equally burning issues …