Guide to Being 19 Weeks Pregnant

What Your Partner Should Know

Give her some reassurance.
Give her some reassurance.
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Midnight antacid runs (and get some ice cream while you're there, please) are just one of the tasks a partner can take on to make growing a life a bit less uncomfortable. And more yummy.

Some other things a partner might want to be aware of include:

  • She really needs downtime -- As the baby gets bigger and growth continues at a rapid pace, all of her body systems are working overtime, and she'll be more tired than usual. Add to that the sleep difficulty that might be starting about now, and you've got yourself the makings for exhaustion. If you can, make it easy for her to rest during the day.
  • She may appreciate some reassurance -- Pregnancy can make a lady feel a bit, well, large, not to mention graceless, waistless and farty. Make sure she knows you still think she's hot. It'll help a lot.
  • She may be less mobile than before -- Swollen ankles, back pain, balance problems and joint aches can mean physical activity is getting more cumbersome. If this means losing your jogging partner for a while, take heart: You'll get her back soon.

And while you're walking together instead of running, you can save the extra breath to talk about some other week 19 issues …