Guide to Being 19 Weeks Pregnant

Don't Worry If…

Don't worry if you haven't felt that first movement yet.
Don't worry if you haven't felt that first movement yet.
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Midway through your pregnancy, you've probably got plenty to think (or obsess) about without adding needless worries to the list. A few of the things you really don't need to be concerned about include:

  • You've gained more or less than 8 to 14 pounds -- Everyone gains weight at different rates. If you're eating healthfully, moving around and your doctor or midwife isn't worried, you needn't be, either.
  • You haven't felt movement yet -- Some women don't feel anything until they're at least six months in. If this is your first pregnancy, you have very strong abdominal muscles, or you're overweight, it could be a little while yet before you recognize the kicks and punches as such.
  • You feel a tingling in your fingers and toes -- It's not a sign of a problem, though it can feel very strange. Your body's inner swelling may be exerting pressure on your nerves, causing that "sleeping" sensation in your digits.

The most important thing not to worry about during week 19? Weeks 20 through 40. Women have been growing babies since the beginning of time, and your body knows what to do. At this point, the best thing you can do is take care of yourself both physically and mentally. Oh, and sleep like a teenager. It could be the last you'll see for a while.

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