Guide to Being 20 Weeks Pregnant

Pregnancy Image Gallery Do you want to know the sex of your baby? Around week 20, your doctor can tell you. See more pregnancy pictures.

Congratulations, the first half of your pregnancy is complete! Week 20 might not be a major one in terms of physical changes, but it can feel like a significant mental milestone. Being in the twenties sounds so much better than being in the teens, doesn't it? Another exciting event that could happen this week -- if you want it to happen, of course -- is finding out your baby's sex. Also, at this point, your baby's heartbeat might be strong enough that your care provider only needs a stethoscope to hear it. And maybe you've felt those first tiny kicks and punches (they're so cute and thrilling right now, but trust us, they'll get stronger and perhaps a little less cute in a few weeks).

In week 20, you're officially starting on the downhill side of the second trimester, which means you should still be feeling pretty good. You most definitely look pregnant and might feel gigantic, but you're not huge just yet, and your energy level is probably still high. You're most likely in full-on maternity wear now (and probably have been for a while if this isn't your first child), but you haven't reached the point where you're bumping into things with your enormous belly. Take advantage of this relatively easy time in your pregnancy -- exercise, get your sleep, eat well and remember to remind your partner to pamper you.