Guide to Being 20 Weeks Pregnant

What You Might Be Feeling

If you're lucky, week 20 just feels like more of the same. If you've been plagued by heartburn, you're probably used to dealing with by now, keeping a supply of antacids in your purse to extinguish any flare-ups. If you're prone to swelling, you're used to combating it by taking occasional strolls around the office or your home. But there are a couple of uncomfortable pregnancy side effects that might be just starting to rear their heads right about now:

  • About one in 100 pregnant women develops asthma, so tell your doctor or midwife if you ever have difficulty breathing -- including coughing, wheezing and trouble taking deep breaths. You're more at risk for pregnancy-induced asthma if you're short or overweight.
  • Many pregnant women experience night sweating. If you're suffering with this distinctly unpleasant phenomenon, all you can really do is wear as little as possible to bed and try to keep your room cool. Breathable cotton sleepwear (as opposed to synthetics) can be helpful, too.
  • Your risk of bladder infections is increasing because your uterus is compressing the tubes that carry urine from your kidneys to your bladder, and your urinary tract muscles are relaxed. Bladder infections are sometimes hard to diagnose because one symptom is a constant need to urinate, which, we're sure you're aware, is a basic fact of life when you're pregnant.

But enough about you -- what's going on with your little guy or gal this week?

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