Guide to Being 21 Weeks Pregnant

Pregnancy Image Gallery Talk, read and sing to your baby -- at 21 weeks, he or she can hear you! See more pregnancy pictures.

Well, week 21 might not be the exciting midpoint landmark that week 20 is, but just think of it this way -- you're on the downhill side now. The nausea, fatigue and uncertainty are probably all behind you, so try as best you can to put your feet up and relax. You're probably feeling relatively good right now, so enjoy it! Keep up your exercise routine, take long strolls if you're lucky enough to have good weather, hang out with friends, go to the movies -- because in a mere month or two, you might not feel like doing any of that stuff at all.

Pretty much everyone you see now will know you're pregnant, which means no more strange looks from people who are trying to figure out if you're expecting or if you just threw a spare tire around your midsection. You might be getting a new round of congratulations from people you haven't seen in awhile -- and from random shoppers in the grocery store. On your more antisocial days, you'll probably want to just tape a sign to your belly that displays your due date and the baby's sex (or your reason for not wanting to know), but our advice is to smile and enjoy the compliments!

On the next page, we'll tell you a little bit about what you might be feeling at this stage of your pregnancy.