Guide to Being 22 Weeks Pregnant

What Your Partner Should Know
The best gift you can give her right now is your patience.
The best gift you can give her right now is your patience.

For some women, the second trimester is a glorious honeymoon period between the worry, exhaustion and nausea of the first 12 weeks and the worry, exhaustion and inflated-water-balloon sensation of the last three months. The rest of us spend the second trimester wondering when that glorious honeymoon phase we've heard so much about will begin to kick in. Whether your partner falls into the first camp, the second or somewhere in between, keeping a couple things in mind can help you make her 22nd week the best it can be.

First, on any given day, she might feel itchy, sweaty, tired, swollen and even a little guilty that she isn't enjoying the second trimester as much as she "should" be or accomplishing all the things she thought she would do once morning sickness passed. Remind her that she's, you know, growing a new person in there, so maybe she shouldn't be so hard on herself.

Second, it's not your fault. One minute she wants you to rub her back and put lotion on her itchy stomach and swollen legs, the next minute she can't stand the sight of you. And you're pretty sure you heard her talking about her college boyfriend in her sleep last night. Just remember that it's not her fault, either. At this point, hormones may be playing games with everything from her dreams to her moods to her sinuses.

Rest assured: The woman you love is still in there. The best gift you can give her right now is your patience. (And maybe a few hours of housework. Also, more ice cream.) You'll also want to give her your full attention and reassurance as she begins to fret about these other common week 22 topics.