Guide to Being 22 Weeks Pregnant

Some Things to Consider

You've probably had an ultrasound sometime between your 20th and 22nd weeks. If you've chosen to find out the sex of your baby (and even if you haven't), the naming game is probably in full swing by now. Before you choose, picture your favorite name at the top of a resume or rolling off the tongue in an introduction. Sure, those celebrity babies named for foods, planets and random household items sound cute now, but chances are those kids will never have to work for a living.

If you're having a boy, or if you don't know the gender, consider taking some time to research whether or not you will choose to have your baby circumcised. The procedure was once practically automatic for baby boys born in the United States, but more and more parents are opting not to circumcise, and the question may catch you off guard if you are unprepared. There are plenty of arguments and strong opinions both for and against, so give yourself time to absorb all the information and talk to your OB (who would normally be the one to perform the surgery) or a pediatrician if you find yourself wanting more information.

Keep up with exercise, good nutrition and plenty of sleep -- however, whenever and (almost) wherever you can get it.

If you're still wearing your rings, and if they're feeling tight, take them off now -- your fingers will get bigger before they get smaller. If you feel naked without them, you can always wear them on a chain around your neck. You'll have one less thing to worry about in the unlikely event that your fingers eventually swell up beyond recognition.

And while we're at it, here are some other things not to worry about.