Guide to Being 24 Weeks Pregnant

Don't Worry If …

Take time this week to relax, put your feet up and think about the baby that's fast approaching!
Take time this week to relax, put your feet up and think about the baby that's fast approaching!

You've got plenty to think about this week. You may even have the hardships of labor on your mind. So it's nice that plenty of the things that may be troubling you are, most likely, not worth stressing over. For instance:

  • You suddenly have carpel tunnel syndrome -- If this condition is pregnancy related, it will go away after you give birth.
  • You now have an outie -- If your innie belly button has popped out, and it probably has by now, fear not, it will almost definitely return to its previous state once your uterus deflates, although it might be a little looser than before.
  • Your doctor doesn't do a pelvic exam at each visit -- At this point, most doctors don't feel the need to check out your insides at each appointment unless there's a problem. It doesn't mean you're not getting top-of-the-line care. If you're worried about something -- anything --- just speak up. You can probably have the exam if you want it.

In all, week 24 is most likely a smooth transition from the relative lull of trimester two to the "holy crap I'm gonna be a mom and I don't remember what my feet look like" sensations of trimester three, so take the opportunity to sit back, relax and consider colors for the nursery. Your partner can do the painting while you put your feet up -- fumes, you know.

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