Guide to Being 25 Weeks Pregnant

What You Might Be Feeling

You might find your back and ankles starting to ache.
You might find your back and ankles starting to ache.

If, up to now, pregnancy barely slowed you down, chances are your pace will start taking a hit soon. How much of a hit varies dramatically among pregnant women, but you may want to be prepared to spend less time on your feet.

In addition to the standard fare -- heartburn, skin tags, swollen ankles and perhaps the occasional headache or dizzy spell -- you might be experiencing some more novel sensations right about now, including:

  • Back pain -- The bigger your uterus gets, the more strain it puts on your back. Try to rest when it starts to ache.
  • Pelvic discomfort -- As the ligaments holding your pelvic joints in place continue to loosen up, those joints can get a little out of whack, causing pain in the area. (This is different from cramping. If you feel cramps in your pelvis, call your doctor immediately, as it could indicate preterm labor.)
  • Carpal tunnel -- Increased blood flow through the body can cause swelling that presses on nerves in the wrists, resulting in numbness, achiness or tingling in the wrists and hands. If it's bothering you a lot, mention it to your doctor. He or she can recommend appropriate treatment.
  • Hemorrhoids getting worse -- Your uterus is bigger and heavier than ever, meaning it's pressing downward with more force. This can exacerbate the hemorrhoids you have or trigger the condition if you've escaped it up to now.

It's not all physical, though. You could be feeling some anxiety now, along with growing excitement. And if you keep dreaming of ex-boyfriends, don't feel bad -- it's a pretty common occurrence in ladies rapidly approaching a stunning new level of commitment.

Indeed, your little bun is practically browning at the edges …