Guide to Being 25 Weeks Pregnant

What's Going On In Your Body

Length: About 9 inches (head to rump). Weight: About 2 pounds. Capillaries: Forming.

If you could peek inside your uterus this week, you'd be amazed: What started as an egg in your ovary now looks like an incredibly tiny newborn baby. It has that newborn-baby face and hair. Hands, arms, legs and body are in totally human proportion.

One of the bigger changes this week is the development of capillaries, the body's smallest blood vessels, under the skin. They will also come to form in the air sacs the lungs are building this week, ever closer to the first intake of air, now 12 short weeks away.

Other in-utero changes in week 25 may include:

  • Nostrils and eyelids are starting to open up.
  • Vocal chords are prepared for that first cry.
  • Skin is starting to turn opaque, and hair is beginning to develop pigment.

It's a lot to wonder about (Is that hair black or blond? What will that first cry sound like?), and the best thing you can do right now is wonder aloud, since someone else may be thinking the same things …