Guide to Being 27 Weeks Pregnant

Trimester two, you've been a friend, but at week 27, it's on to the home stretch! See more pregnancy pictures.

Second trimester, you've been a friend. You saved us from the nausea and gave us time, perhaps hours, between bathroom breaks. You even let us sleep.

Many women find trimester two to be a relative breeze. And in this, the final week, you may still be pretty comfortable. Or, you may already feel like you're a third-trimester mom-to-be. Week 27 can be viewed as a transition week -- not quite in the final third of pregnancy, but certainly feeling the twinges of it.

Here, what week 27 might feel like, where your baby's at this week, and which pressing concerns are worth your while as you wrap up the middle trimester.

First things first: That beach ball. Chances are, your belly is becoming a bit unwieldy.