Guide to Being 27 Weeks Pregnant

What's Going On In Your Body

Length: About 14 inches (head to toe). Weight: About 2 pounds. Eyes: Open.

This week or next week, somewhere deep in your abdomen, tiny eyelids are opening, closing and opening again. Tiny, curious eyes are looking around the interior of your uterus and shutting quickly in response to bright light. It's a whole new visual world.

Also this week, your baby may be experiencing:

  • A regular sleep cycle (which does not, unfortunately, match yours)
  • Hiccups (they don't hurt)
  • Continued lung development
  • Thumb sucking, which provides comfort and can help to strengthen facial structures
  • Increased brain-tissue development

It can be a lot to take in, this sprint toward readiness for life outside the womb, not to mention your own new life -- or, we should say, new lives. Your partner's about to experience a new life, too, and along those lines …