Guide to Being 27 Weeks Pregnant

Don't Worry If …
Forgot what you were about to say? It's probably a case of "pregnancy brain."
Forgot what you were about to say? It's probably a case of "pregnancy brain."

As you round second, you've probably got some good "pregnancy brain" going, and with car seat comparisons and infant bathtub features taking up a lot of room, you'll be glad to know you needn't worry if:

  • You simply cannot abide the gray (or brown or blonde or red or lack of highlights).Most experts agree that coloring your hair now is OK, but ask your doctor to be sure. For added security, choose natural dyes, like henna, or else highlights instead of all-over color, which will keep the chemicals away from your scalp.
  • You don't have a family member available (or invited) to help out in those first weeks.If you decide you'd like some help, and most people do, you've got options beyond the usual mom/aunt/grandmother type of assistance. Ask your doctor or midwife about doulas and other types of "mother's helpers" working in your area.

And if, as you contemplate the respective benefits of doulas and aunts, you notice your partner isn't quite as "into it" as you are -- don't worry about that, either (at least not yet). The next time you feel a kick, and the time after that, remember to put your partner's hand on your belly. You're feeling things your partner isn't, and it's up to you to share.

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