Guide to Being 29 Weeks Pregnant

What You Might Be Feeling

You've certainly gotten the hang of pregnancy by now, and the third trimester brings its own set of challenges. Wasn't it only recently you felt light on your feet and looked adorable in maternity clothes? That will all start to change right around 29 weeks. Here are some of the happenings in your body at this point in your pregnancy:

  • You'll gain about 1 pound a week from now on and have probably gained between 19 and 25 pounds overall. Each pregnancy is different, so if you're not in this weight range, don't worry. Eating healthy, exercising and getting plenty of rest should be your focus.
  • Swelling of your hands and feet can occur as you retain more fluid from the baby. Support hose on your legs eases swelling and allows for better circulation, but ask your doctor for help if you're really uncomfortable.
  • As your abdomen stretches beyond its comfort zone, you may experience an itchy belly, which can continue throughout your pregnancy. A scratchy tummy can be very uncomfortable (and pretty unsightly), so make sure to moisturize your skin (try shea oil). Drinking a lot of water also keeps your skin hydrated, so keep it handy at all times.
  • Some women experience thicker and more luxurious hair during pregnancy, while others have just the opposite. Pregnancy hormones affect everyone differently, so don't be too disappointed if you have a Farah Fawcett mane one week and lifeless locks the next.
  • If you experience hemorrhoids, usually due to constipation, even sitting down can be uncomfortable. Try to relieve the pain and itching with mildly astringent witch hazel wipes and a therapeutic soak in the tub. To ease constipation, drink plenty of water and eat small, high-fiber meals throughout the day so your body doesn't have to work hard to digest large amounts of food.

Now that we've covered all the lovely things happening to you right now, let's focus on the reason you're going through all this -- your baby's growth and development during week 29.