Guide to Being 32 Weeks Pregnant

What You Might Be Feeling

You may spend a lot of time this week looking up your myriad symptoms.
You may spend a lot of time this week looking up your myriad symptoms.

Sleep is probably getting tougher, even tougher than it was just last week. Not only is your belly nearing downright unmanageable, but your joints are continuing to loosen up, your pelvis may be shifting slightly out of position, and shooting sciatica pains and baby boxing might be waking you every couple of hours during the night.

Yes, your body is conspiring to keep you up, and that's not all. In week 32, you may also be experiencing:

  • Continuing breast growth, and possible leaking of colostrum
  • Skin changes, including increased pigment, itchy tummy and skin tags
  • Digestive issues, including heartburn, bloating and constipation
  • Hemorrhoids and occasional headaches, dizziness and forgetfulness
  • Braxton-Hicks contractions, or "false labor"

Those "false labor" contractions can feel like a mild tightening of your uterus, perhaps 30 seconds to a minute in duration. If you don't feel them, though, that doesn't mean they're not happening. They sometimes slip by unnoticed. It's important to note that if you have contractions that hurt and/or last more than a minute or two, this is cause to contact your doctor, since it may indicate preterm labor.

But while you may not feel the contractions, there's somebody who most certainly does …