Guide to Being 32 Weeks Pregnant

What's Going on In Your Body
By this point, the baby in your belly is clearly recognizable as a newborn!
By this point, the baby in your belly is clearly recognizable as a newborn!

Length: Almost 19 inches (head to toe). Weight: Almost 4 pounds. Quarters: Cramped.

A practice contraction that you may not even notice is probably pretty obvious to your little one, who now takes up most of the available space in your uterus. With the crowding in there, you may notice a slight decrease in activity, since there's not much room to move.

Size isn't the only notable trait in week 32. Other developments can include:

  • Lung development -- They're not quite ready for show time, but they're close. Your baby is breathing all the time now (amniotic fluid instead of air), practicing for that first breath.
  • Brain development -- Connections are forming at a rapid pace, and your baby is reacting to sensory input now (from all five senses). He or she may even recognize your voice.
  • Sucking and swallowing -- It's all practice for drinking and eating once he or she leaves the womb. (It's also, incidentally, helping to strengthen facial muscles.)
  • Fat accumulation -- From now to delivery, your baby is going to put on weight at the most rapid pace, bulking up with the baby fat that will provide warmth and cushioning (and cuteness) once he or she leaves your comfy-cozy uterus.
  • Skin appearance -- It's finally a bit opaque, with that fat filling in, and getting smoother with the added bulk.

With less-visible veins and de-wrinkling skin, if you could look inside your belly you would clearly recognize your baby as a newborn. It's that close, which means your partner is about to enter the world of "all baby, all the time," too. And with that in mind …