Guide to Being 32 Weeks Pregnant

What Your Partner Should Know

By week 32, the pregnant lady will need a lighter load for sure.
By week 32, the pregnant lady will need a lighter load for sure.

Partners, your time is coming. You may feel a bit sidelined right now, but you're about to share the spotlight with mommy.

As you and your lady near parenthood, you may want to be aware of:

  • Increasing frequency of check-ups -- The doctor probably wants to check on things about every two weeks now, which gives you plenty of opportunities to get in on the action, asking questions, hearing heartbeats and getting glimpses of the baby via ultrasound.
  • Your lady's physical needs -- As she gets bigger, her back, hips and sense of balance are probably suffering. She would no doubt appreciate some help with her usual chores, especially where lifting is involved.
  • The importance of intimacy -- Some couples have sex until the big day, while others prefer to hold off. Either way, closeness is more important than ever now, since you'll have your hands full come delivery. Snuggle up with a good movie, or massage shea butter on her itchy belly. You may find it eases everyone's nerves a bit, if in fact there are some nervous near-parents in the house.

Intimacy through massage is an excellent choice; combine it with talking, and it can be downright ideal. Consider some interesting (and practical) talking points …