Guide to Being 32 Weeks Pregnant

Don't Worry If…

So many concerns, so little time left with that baby on board. One thing you needn't agonize about? Other people's expectations about how your delivery will go down.

Many people have definite opinions on how a birth is supposed to unfold. Your partner's entire extended family might intend to camp out in the waiting room. Your best friend might insist that natural is the only way to go. Your mom might want to be in the labor room holding your hand.

If the idea of giving birth without your mom holding your hand is unthinkable, invite her to share the experience with you. If you want tons of visitors, super. If you want to go natural, do it.

But if you want an epidural and your doctor's on board, go for it. If you don't want anyone in the labor room except your partner and the medical staff, or you don't want any visitors until after you leave the hospital, there's nothing wrong with that. Hospital staff will even help you enforce visiting restrictions.

Remember, you're the one giving birth, so you get to decide how it unfolds. Try not to worry too much about hurting anyone's feelings. It's up to you and your partner to choreograph the scene. So start planning now. You've still got several weeks to work out the details.

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