Guide to Being 33 Weeks Pregnant

Some Things to Consider

Let's hope you still have a few weeks before you and your partner hit the road for the hospital. It pays to be prepared well in advance since many women go into preterm labor unexpectedly. Now's the time to install a rear-facing infant car seat, so that it's ready if the need arises. You might also consider scheduling an appointment with a licensed car seat technician (often found at your local fire or police stations) to ensure that it's properly installed.

This is also the perfect opportunity to pack your hospital bag and place it in the car. Obviously, you'll pack all the basics, like your toothbrush, camera and a couple changes of clothes. Don't even think about packing your pre-pregnancy skinny jeans -- you won't be getting into them that quickly, unless your name is Jessica Alba. If you're planning on breastfeeding, choose a button-down nightgown for easy access, plus a couple of nursing bras. Also, be sure to include some necessities for your partner, as well as items with entertainment value, like a couple of magazines or your mp3 player. If possible, fill out whatever hospital paperwork you can in advance and place it in your bag to minimize the often lengthy admission process.

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