Guide to Being 34 Weeks Pregnant

It may be difficult to find a comfortable position for sleeping, but hang in there -- you're getting closer and closer to delivery. See more pregnancy pictures.

You feel so pregnant that you can't help but wonder whether the baby will be delivered soon. And if it does come, it's OK. It might even be preferable, at least to you.

You can't breathe. You can't sleep. You might not be able to eat. You jealously watch TV commercials that show pregnant women eating to their hearts' content.

Though you're only six weeks from the official due date, you might feel like you're looking at the longest six weeks of your life. Of course, they're weeks that carry a certain edginess, while you expect the baby to appear at any time.

So stop and enjoy it. Even if it's not easy to get comfortable, you can still sleep pretty much any time you want to. If it's your first child, these are the last weeks you'll sleep without one ear open for the rest of your life.

Read on to learn more about what you can expect during week 34 of your pregnancy.