Guide to Being 35 Weeks Pregnant

What You Might Be Feeling

Let's be honest: You probably aren't feeling too hot right now. You've gained a good amount of weight, and your uterus is under your ribcage, making breathing very difficult. You could find yourself groaning every time you sit down or stand up, and your maternity clothes -- especially the shirts, which once seemed so enormous -- might feel like they've shrunk a few sizes. But take comfort in the fact that you're almost there! In just a few weeks, you'll be holding your (screaming, squirmy) bundle of joy, and all this distress will seem like a figment of your imagination.

Starting this week or next, you'll be seeing your doctor or midwife once a week. Your care provider might start doing cervical checks now to see if you're dilated or effaced. But even if you are, don't get ahead of yourself -- as with so many other apparent labor signs, being a couple of centimeters dilated doesn't necessarily mean your baby is on her way. You could still very well make it to your due date (or past it!).

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