Guide to Being 35 Weeks Pregnant

What Your Partner Should Know

For most of the pregnancy, your partner has probably felt a little bit out of the loop, and that's just the nature of the beast. But all that changes on the big day: Your partner isn't going to be doing the real hard work, obviously, but this is when he or she can finally spring into action. The main job, of course, is to be your coach, but he or she can take charge of plenty of other things while you're busying yourself with birthing a baby. Now's the time for your better half to start thinking about:

  • Nailing down directions to the hospital and making sure of the correct entrance, parking rules, after-hours procedures and check-in process. You probably won't be in any state to deal with these details, so leave it up to your partner.
  • Making a master contact list and figuring out what messages you'll broadcast on labor day. Will you send constant updates from the first contraction or just wait for the big announcement? Who gets a call, and who gets relegated to the e-mail/text list?
  • Packing his or her own bag, with camera, cellphone, chargers, snacks, money, a change of clothes and whatever else might be needed.

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