Guide to Being 35 Weeks Pregnant

Don't Worry If…

At this point in your pregnancy, you're probably used to getting unsolicited advice and questions from random strangers every time you set foot outside. And by now you're also probably pretty good at letting it all roll off your back -- most people only have the best intentions when they're asking about your pregnancy (although we hope you haven't been subjected to too much belly-touching).

For some reason, the commentary often seems to center around how you're carrying -- people seem to enjoy predicting the sex of your baby based on how high (or low) they deem your belly to be. And when you're obviously in the final stretch, everyone and their mother will be trying to figure out if you've dropped.

So what, exactly, is dropping? Otherwise known as lightening, it's when the baby settles into the pelvis with its head in position for birth. This, of course, can be a sign of impending labor -- but it can also happen weeks before you give birth. So, if you've dropped at 35 weeks, don't panic if anyone predicts that you're about to go into labor. And conversely, don't worry if you haven't dropped yet. You might be pretty uncomfortable with the baby under your ribcage and putting pressure on your diaphragm, but when he drops, that pressure moves to your bladder. So it might be better if the little man waits till the last minute!

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